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LF Glider graphite (200 g)

€ 39.9

LF Glider graphite (200 g)


LF Glider Graphite. Base paraffin, all temperatures (in competition situations -7 and warmer).


  • Glider
  • Graphite
  • Use as a base
  • -7 ºC and warmer
  • 200 g

The paraffin is durable and well suited for both cross-country and alpine skis. Use as a base for the paraffin that applies to the day. Should  always be used as a base paraffin when preparing the skis for competition. The graphite is hard and gives the ski a new, clean and durable surface.

This is a paraffin from the LF series that is used very frequently in competition contexts. All temperatures. Always choose graphite as a basis for competition. LF (this) at warmer snow and XC at a colder temperature (-7 ºC  and colder) .

Increases the ability of the powder / paraffins to bind  to the coating.

The graphite itself has good dirt-repellent properties.

Snow type: All snow types
Temp: All, in competition situations -7 and warmer
Humidity: 0 to 100%
Weight: 200 grams


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