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LF Glider Yellow

€ 16.9

LF Glider Yellow


LF Glider Yellow, a paraffin for the warm side -1 to +20 ºC.


  • Glider
  • Yellow
  •  +20 to -1 ºC
  • All types of snow
  • 60 g

Skigo’s LF paraffin is a more durable and dirt-repellent glider than XC products. Preserves the glide in a better way for a longer distance than an XC paraffin. LF paraffin is an appreciated training and competition glider, especially recommended for the youth competition. Use LF Graphite as a base (LF Glider Graphite) for optimal effect.

HF Glider Yellow, for warm temperatures.

Snow type: All types of snow
Temp: +20 / -1 ºC
Humidity: 50 to 75%
Weight: 60 grams





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