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HL 19 (LABS)

€ 179.9

HL 19 (LABS)


Different types of snow, artificiell snow


  • HL 19
  • Labs
  • All type of snow
  • Artificial snow
  • +5 / -5 ºC


In addition to basic products, Skigo has development products for sale, the products are continuously developed in collaboration with national teams and other ski teams, some of the products can withstand varying conditions and some are strictly niched towards specific conditions.

HL 19. A very durable paraffin for all types of snow, +5 to minus 5 degrees. One that is a little “narrower” than LDQ but can also handle artificial snow.

Snow type: All types of snow/ artificial snow
Temp: +5 / -5 ºC
Humidity: 60 to 100%
Weight: 200 grams



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