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Racing 2.0 – Power Strap

€ 199.9

Racing 2.0 – Power Strap


A success from Skigo! Very light and stiff pole with carefully balanced tubing to ensure best feel and swing weight. The race pole has improved stiffness and significantly higher breaking strength than than previous model. The pole is fitted with our race handle in natural cork, Power strap and a 8 mm race basket. All of this contributes to ensuring that the pole has a very natural feel and extremely low swing weight. Used by competitive skiers all over the world. Available in lengths from 150 to 170 cm.



  • Ski pole
  • Racing
  • Low swing weight
  • Lengths from 150 to 170 cm



The pole, Racing 2.0, has the qualities that Skigo believes the highest competition pole should have. Low weight, efficient pendulum movement, stiff and withstands most situations that can occur in skiing . A genuine competition pole but also recommended for those who want to get more out of their skiing. Hand strap (Power strap) that really holds the hand in place.

Comes with loose handles, marked for cutting to the desired length.

Wonderful balance with a cruel stiffness and pendulum required at the elite level.

150 – 170cm (10 cm steps)

Handle – 16mm
Basket – 8mm, 6.8 grams

• Power strap control strap
• Race snow basket 6.8 grams
• Light / fast pendulum
• Stiff
• 100% HM carbon


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