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Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Our web address is: This e-commerce is run by SKIGO AB, contact information can be found here.


What information do we save about you and why do we do it?

When you order an item from us we store the following personal information. It is this information that you fill in yourself when you place your order

First name


Company name (optional)

Street address

Supplementary address information (optional)

Phone number

Email address

The IP address from which you place your order is stored. The IP address is automatically stored by the software we use in the store.

We store the information about you in order to handle your order and deliver your goods. We also need to save information about the sales we have made in order to be able to meet the regulations we have in Sweden. In the store, your order and thus your information is saved for about 30 days.




When you shop from us, the following “cookies” are used

woocommerce_cart_hash, saved while you are in the store (session)

woocommerce_items_in_cart is saved while you are inside the store (session)

wp_woocommerce_session_ Saves two days.

woocommerce_recently_viewed is saved while you are in the store (session)

store_notice [notice id] is saved while you are in the store (session)

Read more about this here (länk till

The software on which the store is based also uses technology to remember the computer that visited the store, this to improve the user experience and to be able to target marketing to you as a consumer. This is also described here (link to


We use Facebook Pixels to some extent, which means that “cookies” are stored on your computer so that Facebook can then display information (products and advertisements) from this online store.

In our settings (Facebook plug-in), we do not enable Facebook to collect personal data from us. This according to the settings we have in our Facebook account.

We cannot see any personal information about individual users who only visit us, but the information can be used by Facebook to target advertisements to potential customers.

If you want to withdraw your consent to this, you do so by changing your settings on Facebook.

Google uses Google Analytics, which is provided by Google, Inc. Analytics uses cookies, ie text files that are saved on your computer. uses the service to collect statistics on how many people visit us. Furthermore, we read out where the visitors come from, such as Facebook or another page on the Internet.


When we send out newsletters, we use the service MailChimp. In the service, we save the e-mail address. We do not collect and store any other data. MailChimp manages its data about subscribers (you) according to the provisions of its privacy policy. MailChimp uses technology to track whether the subscriber has opened the e-mails sent by Skigo. MailChimp thus tracks whether the subscriber has opened or clicked on e-mails and can then see the date, time and IP address linked to the opened and/or clicked mailing.

Here you can read more about which technologies MailChimp uses.

As a subscriber, you can choose to unsubscribe from our e-mails in the newsletter. You can also contact Skigo via to unsubscribe.

Content from other websites

Sometimes we display information from other web pages by “embedding” the page. That page then stores information in the same way as if you surfed directly into it. For example Youtube.


Do we share information about you with other companies?

No we do not. We only store the data we need to be able to deliver and process your order.



We accept payments through Swedbank Pay / Payex. When we process payments, some of your information will be sent to Swedbank pay/ Payex, including information required to process or provide support for the payment, such as the total purchase amount and billing information.

Please see Swedbak for more information.  (

Link to Swedbank privacy policy (Swedish)

Information about Swedbank Pay can be found here (swedish).


Who in our company has access to personal data?

Administrators and store owners have access to:

Order information such as what was bought, when it was bought and where it should be sent, as well Customer information such as your name, email address and billing and delivery information. Our store manager has access to this information to fulfill orders, make refunds and provide support.


Your rights

We need the information to be able to handle your order and to be able to meet the regulations we have to follow and to be able to give you any guarantees that come with the product.

When you start your order, you agree that we store and handle your information in order to deliver what you have ordered. You have the right to request that we delete the information we have stored about you (old orders). You also have the right to request information about what information we have stored about you (old orders).

A copy of the order is sent via e-mail to the store owners (Skigo). The e-mail notification is used so that we do not miss incoming orders and be able to deliver the goods as quickly as possible.



How do we protect your data

We at Skigo do not collect more data than we need to handle your order.