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Roller ski classic – carbon hard/soft

€ 339.5

Roller ski classic – carbon hard/soft


Very lightweight roller ski with 100% carbon body and wheels in rubber. The carbon body minimises vibrations and gives the right ski feeling. An extra long wheel base of 780 mm makes the ski directionally stable and perfect for diagonal stride skiing and double poling. The skis are delivered with solid rubber wheels.



  • Minimizes vibration
  • Stable
  • Easy riding
  • Similar to Classic riding on snow

The ski has a longer frame and a span that allows you to take the step out in a way that is similar to skiing on snow. The composite gives the ski vibration-damping properties, which means that the ski can also handle poorer asphalt.

Classic Carbon is directionally stable, which means that the ski is also highly recommended to the skier who is going to do their first training sessions on roller skis.

All screws are made of stainless steel.

What we consider, the world’s best classic roller ski!

NOTE! The skis are delivered with 2s (Wheels no 2) and with black or blue screens depending on the stock status.

Choose between a softer (soft) or harder span (stiff). Choose “soft” for a rider weight of around 75 kg and less. “Stiff” for a weight over 75 kg.

The skis have a flexibility in terms of range, which means that the feeling in the skiing is very good, even if the weight of the skiers who use the skis is outside the recommended limit. For example, a skier weighing 85 kg can ride soft skis and a skier weighing less than 70 kg can ride a stiff pair. However, to get the most out of the skis, choose the hardness / span so that the skier’s weight is approximately on the right side of the recommendation limit.

CC 780mm


No 2 standard (equivalent to normal winter before)

Composite frame
Wheel diameter 75mm
Directionally stable
Pre-drilled holes for the bindings
CNC machined forks


Note, under “More information”, the total shipping weight is stated.


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