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XC Glider Flour Free Violet (200 g)

€ 21.9

XC Glider Flour Free Violet (200 g)


Violet old snow, aggressive snow -1 to -12 ºC.


  • Paraffin
  • Violet
  • -1 to -12 ºC
  • Old snow, aggressive snow
  • Artificiell snow
  • 200 g

XC, a series of standard waxes for all temperatures and snow types. For humidity of 0 to 100%. Spread and warm into the ski base using a waxing iron. Use XC Graphite as Basic wax. Choose between 60 g or 200 g.

XC Glider Free Violet. A product for more aggressive snow that has gone from warm to colder and that wears on the glider. A good choice when skiing in artificial snow.

Snow type: Aggressive snow, harder snow
Temp: -1 / -12 ºC
Humidity: 0 to 100%
Weight: 200 gram



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